Fall Wedding Centerpieces on Sale!!

Autumn is upon us, and many of my clients are preparing for their fall weddings.  I am asked so often to share resources for other wedding items besides the floral arrangements we create at Kate Said Yes, and I'm thrilled to share that finally, we are going to do just that! I'm partnering with some of my favorite vendors and wholesalers to share deals and sales with all of you.  And I'm really excited because that means I can take off my floral design hat for a moment and jump into other decor, invitation, dress, and party gear ideas - it's a win for everyone!  

For my first featured sale (yay!), I'm sharing four centerpiece vases that I've used in both my professional designs and personal home decor.  These centerpieces are great for DIY brides because they are sturdy, affordable, and flexible enough in their style to be paired with a simple arrangement of one kind of stem (I'm looking at you, peonies), more elaborate multi-floral arrangements, or even water and floating candles.  And right now they're on SALE at Afloral with the code VASES!  Use the links below to find these specific vases, or browse all the vases on sale right now at Afloral.  


fall wedding centerpieces kate said yes

1. Metallic Gold Cube Vase - I love popping a bouquet of peonies in these - so simple!

2. Silver Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl - My favorite!  I used them year-round.

3. Birch Square Container - Affordable and flexible, with a nice rustic feel.

4.  Ceramic Floral Architect Vase in Gold - Perfect for a small accent.


Thanks for joining us on this journey!  I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback on what resources you are looking for, and how we can be more helpful in your wedding planning.  


*Some of the links in this blog may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase I may receive a small commission.  Rest assured that I only recommend items that I love and use!*